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Swarm Assault Deluxe Swarm Assault Deluxe 1.4
Swarm Assault is a real time strategy game that requires you to control huge swarms of ants, beetles, spiders, scorpions and wasps in a desperate attempt to control the landscape.
License:Shareware, 12.95 to buy Size: 5529KB

Abalone Abalone 1.2
A beautifully rendered strategy game played on a hexagonal board.
License:Shareware, 15 to buy Size: 2043KB

Tribal Trouble Tribal Trouble 1.1
Tribal Trouble is a fast-paced realtime strategy game where your job is to lead your cartoonish and somewhat clueless kinsmen (be it Vikings or Natives) to new discoveries and victories as tribal clashes rage across tropical and northern islands
License:Demo, 29.95 to buy Size: 28.17 MB

Radioactive Radioactive 1.08
An easy to learn strategy game of nuclear war for one to four players.
License:Shareware, 15.00 to buy Size: 5684KB

Mancala 3000 Mancala 3000 1.4
One of the oldest 2-player strategy games.
License:Shareware, 10 to buy Size: 1185KB

Democracy Democracy 1.0
Deep political strategy game where you run one of 10 countries
License:Demo, 19.95 to buy Size: 6700KB

A turn-based space strategy game
License:Shareware, 0 to buy Size: 2.1MB

Galacticards (Windows) Galacticards (Windows) 1.00
A New Addictive Card Based Space Strategy Game of Exploraiton and Expansion
License:Demo, 20.00 to buy Size: 16793KB

Shattered Galaxy 1.02 Shattered Galaxy 1.02
A multiplayer online real-time strategy game for the PC with an emphasis on warfare and action with legions of players from around the world
License:Demo, 0 to buy Size: 131MB

Massive Assault Network Massive Assault Network 1.2.201
Turn-based online strategy game featuring global war conflicts in sci-fi worlds
License:Shareware, 6.95 to buy Size: 97447KB

strategy game In Short Software Description

Soko Hunter Soko Hunter 2.30
Soko Hunter is a very addictive strategy game similar to the classic game Sokoban.
License:Shareware, 14.95 to buy Size: 693KB

Gazillionaire Gazillionaire Deluxe
Gazillionaire is the award winning game of business strategy.
License:Shareware, 29.99 to buy Size: 5709KB

Connect Connect 2.01
Connect the dots to close the cells - close the most cells and you win.
License:Shareware, 6 to buy Size: 961KB

Mind Rover Mind Rover
Mind Rover encompasses the depth of play found in strategy games with a new concept in player control.
License:Demo, 19.95 to buy Size: 31744KB

Pyrism Pyrism 1.2
Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Linux Version, .tgz
License:Shareware, $15.00 to buy Size: 714KB

Trike Commander Trike Commander 1.2
A "top view" arcade action / strategy game where you battle against enemy land units
License:Shareware, 5 to buy Size: 6.0 MB

World Empire V World Empire V 5.0
The lastest entry in award-winning global strategy game series, 205 countries.
License:Shareware, 29.95 to buy Size: 6140KB

Snails Snails 2.0
License:Shareware, 9.95 to buy Size: 5308KB

Galacticards (MAC OSX 10.3+) Galacticards (MAC OSX 10.3+) 1.00
A New Addictive Card Based Space Strategy Game of Exploraiton and Expansion
License:Demo, 20.00 to buy Size: 17126KB

Industryplayer - Business Strategy Game Industryplayer - Business Strategy Game 3.42
Industryplayer is a Business Strategy Game with more than 60,000 Players!
License:Shareware, 19.99 to buy Size: 5362KB

strategy game In Long Software Description

UFO Sokoban 3D UFO Sokoban 3D 2.52
A modern 3D remake of the classic logic puzzle game.
License:Shareware, 14.95 to buy Size: 1425KB

Scarlet Waves Scarlet Waves
Create a pirate fleet for tactical naval warfare!
License:, 19.99 to buy Size: 1MB

Buzoot Buzoot 1.0
Simple, but addictive ball shooting puzzle game.
License:Shareware, 12.50 to buy Size: 942KB

Market Value Market Value 1.0
Dreamt of making a Ship load of money? You will love this game
License:Shareware, $19.95 to buy Size: 2.73 MB

Empire Deluxe Internet Edition Empire Deluxe Internet Edition 3.5
The Classic Game Empire Deluxe Has Been Revived with Internet Play
License:Demo, 27.50 to buy Size: 3364KB

Caloona Caloona 2.1
Caloona is a turn based space strategy game.
License:Shareware, 24.95 to buy Size: 1550KB

Jig Jag Gold Jig Jag Gold 1.3
Sliding Block Puzzle Gaming taken to the Max! Puzzle, Arcade & Strategy modes.
License:Shareware, 19.95 to buy Size: 2248KB

Dots2 Dots2 2.0
Dots2 is the computer analog of the old strategy game
License:Shareware, 25 to buy Size: 2.00 MB

Forma Forma 2.0.7
Arrange blocks while avoiding obstacles and using special power-ups to erase the enemy slider blocks
License:Shareware, 13.95 to buy Size: 6.7 MB

3D Backgammon Unlimited 3D Backgammon Unlimited 1.0
A very elegant 3D version of the oldest luck and strategy game of the world.
License:Shareware, 12.95 to buy Size: 2945KB


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