Nevron Chart for .NET Q2 2006
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Programming & Software Development / Compilers & Interpreters
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Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
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Nevron LLC
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Nevron Chart for .NETNevron Chart for .NET Q1 2006 is powerful, flexible, extensible and user-friendly. It aims to provide your applications with data visualization capabilities, which will significantly improve the looks and penetration of your product.

Features Overview

Common Features for the WinForm and WebForm editions:

- Charting Types:
Bar; Line; Area; Pie; Point; Bubble; Stock; Floating Bar; Radar; Polar; High Low; Mesh Surface; Grid Surface; Shape; Smooth Line (Spline); Float bar (also called Gantt); Venn - 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Venn set; Step Line; Error Bar; 2D and 3D Funnel; Box and Whiskers; Line Studies.
- Flexible integrated legend
- Built in Functions and Formula support
- Full Visual Studio design time support
- Editors available at runtime
- Excel like fill effect editors
- Advanced control over the axis scaling and position
- Axis labeling abilities
- Ability to display several charting types simultaneously
- Ability to display several series simultaneously
- Ability to display multiple charts and legends in the component canvas
- Image borders
- Watermarks
- Labels
- Interactivity
- Drill Down capabilities
- Advanced 3D view control
- Advanced control over the scene lighting
- Integrated layout manager
- Measurement Unit support
- Annotation support
- Advanced logic features and services
- Modular design
- SVG support
- Editor direct update feature
- Nevron DOM Compatible
- AutoRefresh property
- Custom Binary and Custom XML serialization
- Rendering of chart walls

Windows Forms specific features:

- Built in UI components
- Ability to leverage the video board hardware acceleration
- Print Manager

Web Forms specific features:

- Server side events (postback) and HTML image maps
- Server side persistency
- Ability to inject custom client side script
- Ability to directly stream an image to the client browser
- Built-in temporary file clean up
- Built-in browser detection

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