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GameOn 951)   GameOn v1.00
Detects startup and shutdown of games you configure, then posts info to the web.

Gimme 952)   Gimme 1.0
Gimme is a desktop freeware/shareware menu system intended to help you find software downloads on the internet

htm2chm 953)   htm2chm
Easy to use CHM authoring tool

Html Form Filler 954)   Html Form Filler 1.07
Html Form Filler help you fill any html form easily and quickly

IEManager 955)   IEManager 4.3
Enhance IE with quick links, web search, popup killer,skins,automatic proxy list

ImageGrabDummy! 956)   ImageGrabDummy! 2.1
Download and view mass images from the web by keyword or url.

iSearch.Net 957)   iSearch.Net 1.03
iSearch.Net is a powerful information search and management tool for Windows.

Just Suite 958)   Just Suite 1.1
5 tools that allow you to add buttons, banners, tabs and more to your sites.

Modem Monitor 959)   Modem Monitor 2.0.0
The program is intended for work in small networks having connection with Internet through phone (modem)

NaviForm 960)   NaviForm 1.0
This small program allows to modify characteristic of a Web page in line

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer 961)   NetVisualize Favorites Organizer 1.5.0
Organize bookmarked URLs and create website thumbnail images with NetVisualize

OLTaskSync 962)   OLTaskSync 1.21
Synchronize your Outlook XP/2003 Tasks over E-Mail.

ORF Enterprise Edition 963)   ORF Enterprise Edition 2.0
High-performance anti-spam tool for Exchange Server

pcInternet Patrol 964)   pcInternet Patrol 3.2.3
The most powerful firewall ever is now fully automated.

PowerMapper Professional 965)   PowerMapper Professional 3.0
Allows web professionals to create interactive site maps with one click.

Protection Toolbar 966)   Protection Toolbar 1.10
Popup Blocker, Privacy Protection, Translation, Magnification, Search Bar, more

Relax 967)   Relax 2.80
Free log analyzer that tracks referrers, search engines and search keywords

Remote Control Tools 968)   Remote Control Tools 0.9.0
Remote Administration Software

RobotPack 969)   RobotPack 1.2.0
Robot-exclusion manager tool to inform robots and other to not index parts of your web site

Smartlaunch 970)   Smartlaunch 4.0
Smartlaunch - Cyber Cafe / Gaming Center Management Software.

Spyware Doctor 971)   Spyware Doctor 3.2
Advanced spyware removal tool that detects and cleans thousands of threats

Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite 972)   Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite 2.56
Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically.

SWF Opener 973)   SWF Opener 1.1
SWF files (flash movies) player

SynchPst for Outlook 974)   SynchPst for Outlook 1.4.7
The easy way to synchronize your Outlook among two personal folders.

ToolbarStudio IE Toolbar Software 975)   ToolbarStudio IE Toolbar Software 1.3.2
Create your branded IE toolbar in seconds

Traces Viewer 976)   Traces Viewer 1.11
Free utility that shows you how easy it is for unauthorized persons to extract information about web-sites you have visited using Internet Explorer (images, pages, cookies etc)

Turbo-Sniper SE 977)   Turbo-Sniper SE 2.06
All-in-one eBay bid manager with sniper (standalone + offline)

Web Tech Tools 978)   Web Tech Tools 1.0
Webmaster Tools and Resources

WhosOn 979)   WhosOn 3.3
WhosOn displays live view of your web server visitor activity.

Wordz Toolbar for Internet Explorer 980)   Wordz Toolbar for Internet Explorer 1.0
WordZ toolbar provides instant, 1-click access to Dictionary and Thesaurus definitions and spell checking from a toolbar on your web browser

Zilla Popup Killer 981)   Zilla Popup Killer
Kill pop-up windows, remove banner ads, boost surfing speeds, increase privacy,

Bellshare 982)   Bellshare
bellshare is the next generation of internet telephony that combines P2P (peer-to-peer) technology known from file-sharing tools like Napster and Kazaa with traditional internet telephony, making the shortcomings of internet telephony history. bellshare.

Domain Name Pro 983)   Domain Name Pro 5.11
Find the ultimate popular domain name using advanced brainstorming features!

DVS-NMS 984)   DVS-NMS 1.2

HiDialer 2000 PRO 3.2.18 build 985)   HiDialer 2000 PRO 3.2.18 build 1104
Global networks and almost immediate communication worldwide are as common as toasters and remote controllers these days.

OSS Internet Speed Booster 986)   OSS Internet Speed Booster
Boost & optimize your Internet connection speed with this set of tools - A free utility to help you keep your system healthy and responsive.

Web Response Grabber Standard 987)   Web Response Grabber Standard 2.1
What happens when a customer enters details into the web form on your site and clicks the Submit button? You get an e-mail containing all the form details.

ComTun 988)   ComTun 4.00a
A powerful and easy to use Proxy/Firewall for internet connection sharing

CVSChangeLogBuilder 989)   CVSChangeLogBuilder 2.0
cvschangelogbuilder - A friendly CVS ChangeLog builder (GPL)

Easy to use Online survey and web poll tool 990)   Easy to use Online survey and web poll tool 3.3
search and replace utility (regular expressions support)

eBerry Online Scheduler V1.5 991)   eBerry Online Scheduler V1.5 1.5
eBerry Online Scheduler offers a Reminder

Email Xray 992)   Email Xray 2.6.0
Spot phishing - safe & easy way to get an inside look at your Outlook email.

Evrox 993)   Evrox 2.1
Evrox will speed your Internet connection up to 2X using Smart-Evrox technology!

eZanga Toolbar & Free Popup Blocker 994)   eZanga Toolbar & Free Popup Blocker 2.0
The Free Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information.

FaxTools eXPert 995)   FaxTools eXPert 8.0
Sending a fax is now as simple as sending an email.

Get File Size 996)   Get File Size 2.0.4
Find out the size of a file before downloading it

GiveSomeBack 997)   GiveSomeBack 1.1.7
Allows eBay users to leave bulk feedback. Saving hours filling out eBay forms.

HostInfo 998)   HostInfo 2.1
A program for retrieve information about internet-hosts and IP addresses.

IElogin 999)   IElogin 2.02
IElogin saves you having to enter your usernames and passwords each time you visit web pages that requires authentication

IP-Country 1000)   IP-Country 1.0
Access manager for Georgia Softworks Server


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