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eLinx 751)   eLinx 1.0.6
desktop search engine combined with relational database and dynamic play list

IE Organiser 752)   IE Organiser 1
List all IE instances by name, last viewed, open longest

InternetVelocity 753)   InternetVelocity 1.5
Internet Speedup Utility, Banner and Popup Ad Filter. Surf 2x faster or more!

NetCom 754)   NetCom 1.1
Traffic monitoring, IP-filtering, firewall, routing, port mapping, QoS software

Net Pal 755)   Net Pal 1.2c
Internet dialer and usage monitor automates your connection to the Internet

PAL Computer Surveillance System 2004 756)   PAL Computer Surveillance System 2004 1.01
PAL will automatically record everything your spouse, children do online.

Robot-Manager 757)   Robot-Manager 3.1
Identify which spiders visited your website, when, and what pages were indexed

SimpleDesktop 758)   SimpleDesktop 2.3
Access and control a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

Site Master 759)   Site Master 1.21
Web based and platform independent File manager

Chase IP 2005 760)   Chase IP 2005 2
Chase IP Allows you to view local computers on your network, shows remote ip address's that you are connected to and detects the country from the connection also

POP-Stopper-IE 761)   POP-Stopper-IE 1.2.6
Custom sound option

Domain Name Pro 762)   Domain Name Pro 5.11
Find the ultimate popular domain name using advanced brainstorming features!

IE AutoFill 763)   IE AutoFill 3.21
IE Form Filler for saving and filling web forms. The saved data can be edited.

Advanced URLs filter  for Internet Explorer 764)   Advanced URLs filter for Internet Explorer
Softly cleans advertising (Banners, Popups), flexible Web Zones management

CallerID Monitor 765)   CallerID Monitor 2.0
Turn your PC into advanced Caller ID device using your modem or ISDN adapter

Internet Tweak 766)   Internet Tweak 4.45
Internet Tweak - Accelerate Internet Connection

Proxy-Pro Family GateKeeper 767)   Proxy-Pro Family GateKeeper 1.1
It allows you to share, secure and accelerate your Internet connection.

Smart Stopper 768)   Smart Stopper 1.5
SmartStopper is a next generation intelligent popup blocker

SolidShare 769)   SolidShare 2.6.11
Internet connection sharing and security firewall software

SpyAnywhere 770)   SpyAnywhere 3.02
Superior Web-Based Remote PC Administration and Monitoring

WebSite-Watcher 771)   WebSite-Watcher 4.22
checks websites for updates and highlights all changes

Qube Websearch Client 772)   Qube Websearch Client 1.13
Websearch client for instant access to the collective index of search engines.

BrowserExpress 773)   BrowserExpress 5.03
E-mail client, Address Book, run on webserver. Connect users to any mail server.

Cashed Traffic 774)   Cashed Traffic 5.3
Cashed Traffic

ForceBack 775)   ForceBack 1.0
This program forces annoying application back behind other windows

QIC Webfotoalbum 776)   QIC Webfotoalbum 1.0
Present your digital images on the internet.

STG Cache Audit 777)   STG Cache Audit 1.0
Easily see site, URL, cookies and history lists on the Internet Explorer cache

Twilight Utilities Phone Server 778)   Twilight Utilities Phone Server 2.2
Internet phone software for home. True voip software.

Webroot Spam Shredder 779)   Webroot Spam Shredder 1.9
Halt spam in its tracks! Webroot Spam Shredder filters undesired email.

WinProxy 5.0 780)   WinProxy 5.0 5.0b
WinProxy SecureSuite is an easy-to-use internet sharing and security tool that provides a full suite of security including: firewall, antivirus, antispam and filtering all in one software platform

Win Sniffer 781)   Win Sniffer 1.22
Capture ftp, telnet, pop3, http, icq, nntp, imap and other passwords on your LAN

AI RoboForm 782)   AI RoboForm 6.5.3
Saves your(online&offline) passwords, automatically logs you in, fills web forms

Popup Assassin Pro 783)   Popup Assassin Pro 1.6
It works fully automatic and in the background and the only way to notice that a popup window has been closed, is if you choose to activate the sound notification which will sound every time a popup is closed. Main Popup Assassin Pro features: - Popup Assassin Pro is very fast and small; - Works best at blocking popup ads when using Internet Explorer; - Kills unwanted popup ads before they open; - Configure sites to block; - Allows to open any killed window from Popup Assassin Pro log; - Play different sounds when ads are blocked; - Runs in the system Tray.

AAA TrioneX Web Finder 784)   AAA TrioneX Web Finder 2.0.50
This shareware simplifies the way you search for imformation

Axl Traffic 785)   Axl Traffic 7.0
Axl Traffic is a completely automated way to promote your website to over 700,000 search engines, directories, link pages, online malls, and classified sites! Axl Traffic will help potential customers find you

Chess Magician 786)   Chess Magician 3.00
In this game, you play against the famous Gigantic Computer who claimed to be unconquerable, and get the almighty AI Magician's help if you need it

CryptoForm 787)   CryptoForm FM
New generation secure web form tool

:DaCamYo! - Webcam Software 788)   :DaCamYo! - Webcam Software 1.7.0
Make your own webcam-page and start a live-session within 5 minutes.

ENVY 789)   ENVY 1.00
ENVY adds 38 batch file subcommands including environment variable manipulation

EzAuction Watch 790)   EzAuction Watch 1.00.0000
The Auction Monitoring News Ticker For your Desktop!

Flash and Pics Control 791)   Flash and Pics Control 2.0
Easily disable flash or pictures in Internet Explorer

GimmeFTP 792)   GimmeFTP 1.0a
GimmeFTP Features Include: Drag and Drop Site Manager Firewall Support Multiple Connections File Queue File Resume

HiClock Pro 793)   HiClock Pro 3.19
HIClock Pro - to go with the times.

Mailgov 794)   Mailgov 1.24
Forwards, Filters, and Consolidates your email accounts

mnoGoSearch SQL 795)   mnoGoSearch SQL
Advanced search engine for Internet and Intranet sites

Pop-Up Sentry! 796)   Pop-Up Sentry! 2.0.1012
Powerful and easy to use Spyware and Pop-Up Blocker!

Professional Edition 797)   Professional Edition 5.2
A collection of over 30 Network Discovery, Monitoring and Management tools.

SavePicNoAsk Light 798)   SavePicNoAsk Light 1.1.4
SavePicNoAsk Light frees a user from necessity to enter a file name when saving a picture in Internet Explorer

SetBrowser 799)   SetBrowser 1.4
SetBrowser will set the system''s default web browser

Stock Quotes Pro 800)   Stock Quotes Pro 1.17
Download historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds


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