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Another IE Popup Killer 51)   Another IE Popup Killer 2.00
Another IE Popup Killer is a little tool to block popup windows of IE

Anti Tracks 52)   Anti Tracks 6.9.14
Online Privacy and Disk Cleanup tool

Anti-Hijacker 53)   Anti-Hijacker 1.2
Protect your web browser homepage from spyware hijackers and malicious web sites

AntiFirewall Anonymizer 54)   AntiFirewall Anonymizer 1.10
Firewall Terminator - Anonymizer for FTP, Newsgroups, IRC, ICQ, Email POP/IMAP

AntiSpy Pro 55)   AntiSpy Pro 1.02
AntiSpy Pro erase tracks of your work in all popular browsers and applications

AntiTracer 56)   AntiTracer 1.0
Stop all unwanted pop-ups to surf the Internet effectively and erase PC traces

ArchiCrypt Shredder 57)   ArchiCrypt Shredder 3.1.2
ArchiCrypt Shredder deletes sensitive data securely and permanently

Artes Internet Eraser 58)   Artes Internet Eraser 3.4
Artes Internet Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet & computer activities, such as IE history, media player recent list and so on

Asmw Eraser Pro 59)   Asmw Eraser Pro 3.1
Protect your privacy by erasing the tracks of your activities.

AsterWin IE 1.01 60)   AsterWin IE 1.01
Reveal *** paswords in IE

AV Voice Changer Software 61)   AV Voice Changer Software 4.0.70
Change voice over Internet and PC Phone in real time; Record chat and voice

AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition 62)   AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition 4.0.69
Disguise voice over Internet and PC Phone, record voice chat & play audio file

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner 63)   Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner 1.13.03
Detect spyware, adware, trojan, keylogger and trackware components

BCWB 64)   BCWB 0.99
Content management system with direct pages editing based on user W3C XSLT patterns representation

Big Mother 65)   Big Mother 2.0
A configurationless switchsniff for parental Internet monitoring and control

Binary Proxy Server Lite 66)   Binary Proxy Server Lite 1.0
Simple Socks Proxy Server

BPS Win Trace Remover 67)   BPS Win Trace Remover
Cleans cache, manages cookies, history, temporary logs &

Broadband Antispam 68)   Broadband Antispam 1.0
Broadband Antispam is a second generation spam filter which uses your permanent cable, ADSL, leased line or ISDN connection to do more frequent and thorough checking than conventional spam checkers

Browse Anywhere 69)   Browse Anywhere 1.21
Browse any website with global route technique and protect your privacy.

Browsy 70)   Browsy 2.0
Popup and Ad blocker, Cookie manager, online privacy, history cleaner, and more.

BulletProof Ad-Free 71)   BulletProof Ad-Free 4.6
Remove adverts and pop-ups from a wide range of browsers and other programs!

Bypass Proxy Tool 72)   Bypass Proxy Tool 1.08
The greatest 'bypass proxy tool' ever!

Captain Mnemo Lite 73)   Captain Mnemo Lite 1.2
Easily keep your passwords without memorizing (*WEB page only!*)

CCSA NG Practice Tests 74)   CCSA NG Practice Tests 2.5
Practice tests for CCSA NG™ (CheckPoint(r) Certified Security Administrator) from SimulationExams

CCSA practice tests. 75)   CCSA practice tests. 1.2
CheckPoint® CCSA (CP 2000) practice tests from

ChildSafeWeb Parental Control Software 76)   ChildSafeWeb Parental Control Software 2.1
ChildSafeWeb® is a parental control system exclusively based on human reviewers

CIDMage 77)   CIDMage 1.4.2
CIDMage - the first commercially-available all-software solution to the problem of generating your own custom Caller ID signals! Generates high-quality SDMF

Clean Trail 78)   Clean Trail 3.4
Clean Trail removes your interent history + Much Much more ...

CleanCache 79)   CleanCache 2.23
Easily clean IE6/WinXP tracks

CleanMOCache 80)   CleanMOCache 1.10
Easily clean Mozilla/Firefox/Opera/WinXP tracks

CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker 81)   CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker 2.09
Get rid of the annoying popups and say goodbye to popup ad window forever

Complete Anonymous Internet 82)   Complete Anonymous Internet 1.0
Internet utility to hide your IP address when using internet programs.

Complete Internet Cleanup Lite 83)   Complete Internet Cleanup Lite 3.0.1
Utility to erase your Internet tracks including index.dat files and junk files.

Complete Internet Cleanup Pro 84)   Complete Internet Cleanup Pro 3.0.1
Utility to erase your Internet tracks. View and delete index.dat files securely.

CompuApps DriveEraser 85)   CompuApps DriveEraser V1.10
DriveEraser™ permanently erases data from hard disks, removable media, partitions, files and folders

Control Kids 86)   Control Kids 5.05
Control Kids filters all the website noscive or objectable contents.

Cookie Cruncher 87)   Cookie Cruncher 2.0
Cookie CruncherManage your Internet Privacy with Cookie Cruncher! Review and Delete Your Cookies By Domain Name! Allows you to keep needed cookies for portal customization and subscriptions! And Delete The Rest!

Cookie Guard v1.42 88)   Cookie Guard v1.42 1.42
Your cookies are under control with Cookie Guard v1.42

Cookie Monitor 89)   Cookie Monitor 1.0
Monitor cookies and inform you when they change.

Cookie Spook 90)   Cookie Spook 1.1.2004
Cookie Spook is an application designed to clear the cookies stored by website.

Country Choice Anonymous Proxy Bar 91)   Country Choice Anonymous Proxy Bar 1.5
Full version allows users to choose the country from which they want to appear.

CT Cookie Spy 92)   CT Cookie Spy 3.0
Ever wondered how many cookies are on your computer and where they came from?

CWShredder 93)   CWShredder 2.12
CWShredder removes CoolWebSearch - CWS - aka CoolWwwSearch, YouFindAll, White-Pages

Desktop Armor 94)   Desktop Armor 1.3
Desktop Armor watches your computer for changes, notifying you when something is altered to confirm you want to keep or reject it

Disspy Lite 95)   Disspy Lite 3.0.0
FREE Spyware and Adware removal software - detection, backup, restore & update

DoctorAdware 96)   DoctorAdware 1.0
DoctorAdware can detect and remove a multitude of adware applications from your computer

East-Tec Eraser 2003 97)   East-Tec Eraser 2003 4.0
Protect your data and privacy and remove all evidence of your computer and online activity with East-Tec Eraser 2003.

Easy Spyware and Adware Killer 98)   Easy Spyware and Adware Killer 1.1
Easy Spyware and Adware Killer scans your computer for free!

Eliminad 99)   Eliminad 4.9.0
Blocks banners, popups, flash ads, messenger service ads, and detects spyware.

Email Redemption for Outlook 100)   Email Redemption for Outlook 1.61
Join the Internet's Spammer-Free Community - Restore Your Email Freedom! The Email Redemption Community (ERC) is a self-regulating email community, in which spammers cannot survive


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