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Set Point 301)   Set Point 1.4.02
Automatically set System Restore Points for Windows ME, XP.

Simpli-File Backup 302)   Simpli-File Backup 1.4.3
Schedule local and FTP backups using zip compression and restore them!

WinDriver Ghost 303)   WinDriver Ghost 2.02
Backup, restore and update all device drivers currently on your system

Final Data Enterprise 1.0 304)   Final Data Enterprise 1.0
Data Recovery Utility tool

DirSync Directory Synchronizer 305)   DirSync Directory Synchronizer 2.01
DirSync is a tool designed to synchronize files/folders

Save-It 306)   Save-It 2.1.00
An automatic file backup tool for files that change constantly

Tech-Pro GetBack 307)   Tech-Pro GetBack 1.2
Instant backup, restore any previous version of a file

Trust Backup 308)   Trust Backup 1.4
Trust Backup is a solid backup solution you can rely on

WinSafe 2001 309)   WinSafe 2001 3.2.01
Winsafe allows you to recover from almost any crash in just seconds.

BackupMate 310)   BackupMate 2.0.4
Protect your data, music and picture files with this easy to use backup software

RBackup Remote Backup 311)   RBackup Remote Backup 8.51
Online Backup software. Compression, encryption, scheduling. Client and Server.

Registry Restore 2000 312)   Registry Restore 2000 1.00
Registry Restore 2000 is a Windows 95/98 Backup Utility

WinDriver Expert 313)   WinDriver Expert 1.90
Backup driver or drivers currently installed on your Windows system.

WinRescue 2000 314)   WinRescue 2000 2.08.28
Four tools in one to protect against crashes and data loss. Be prepared.

WinRescue 98 315)   WinRescue 98 5.08.25
Four tools in one to protect against crashes and data loss. Be prepared.

Quick Backup 316)   Quick Backup 2.0
Quick Backup is a backup utility that allows you to quickly and easily backup and restore crucial data.

Backup Plus DVD Edition 317)   Backup Plus DVD Edition 1.0
Backup your data easily to CD and DVD media

FindBack 318)   FindBack 2003.02
Key Functions: data recovery; undelete file; system recovery;disk recovery FindBack is a powerful system recover software, which will help you to restore system,get back data and undelete file after your system is damaged and data is lost

Island Codeworks Backup Professional with DeltaBIT Technology. 319)   Island Codeworks Backup Professional with DeltaBIT Technology. 2.1.11
Backup program for Windows that uses existing space on FTP servers

MSSQLRecovery 320)   MSSQLRecovery 2.0.421
MSSQLRecovery fixes MS SQL Server files. Supports MS SQL Server 6.5 and later.

Win Backup Software 321)   Win Backup Software 1.6.8
Backup and Restore Your Data Fast and Secure!

WinDriver Ghost 2.01 322)   WinDriver Ghost 2.01
Backup and restore all hardware device drivers currently installed on your system

AceBackup 323)   AceBackup 2.1.2
Quick and easy back up of your precious data on various backup volumes.

AK OCB PRO for WinRAR 324)   AK OCB PRO for WinRAR 2.03
Create backup copies of your documents! (Backup shell for WinRAR).

AutoZIP Backup 325)   AutoZIP Backup 1.0
Professional software to automate the backup of your precious files to ZIP.

MirrorFolder 326)   MirrorFolder 3.0
Real-time and auto-mirroring of folders/drives on local/network/removable drives

CompuApps DriveBackup V3 Lite Edition 327)   CompuApps DriveBackup V3 Lite Edition Build 034
DriveBackup works in Windows operating system with a user friendly interface

DejaVu 328)   DejaVu 1
DejaVu simplyfies set up and operation of recurring backups for directory snapshots (timestamped ZIP archives) or directory synchronizations

IDAutomation File Replicator 329)   IDAutomation File Replicator 3.1
A backup and file synchronization utility for Windows

WinRescue ME 330)   WinRescue ME 1.08.25
Four tools in one to protect against crashes and data loss. Be prepared.

YourFolder 331)   YourFolder 1.0
Monitors folders for changes and performs predefined actions

PolderBackup 2.61 332)   PolderBackup 2.61
PolderBackup is an easy to use backup tool with a good array of features that will meet most basic backup needs

BlindWrite Suite 333)   BlindWrite Suite 5.2.9
A simple money saving way to backup your private copy

DataSafe PS Net 334)   DataSafe PS Net 2.1
DataSafe PS .Net backs up all your important data. Brutally efficient. Terribly

FastSplit Gold 335)   FastSplit Gold 2.5
An easy backup tool for splitting large files to fit on any media

FileRevival 336)   FileRevival 1.2
FileRevival recovers deleted files from your FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes

OnlineCopy 337)   OnlineCopy 1.0.7
Secure your files from loss and damage by keeping copies online!

SCP Backup 338)   SCP Backup 1.4
SCP Backup is a remarkably simple and efficient backup utility.

SuperCool ZIP Backup 339)   SuperCool ZIP Backup 1.56
SuperCool Zip Backup: Data backup software and file synchronization utility

TopSync 340)   TopSync
TopSync is a very useful synchronization utility that will save you time and money.It can be used to backup files, directories, or entire drives from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, across the network..

Advanced Backup 341)   Advanced Backup 1.8
This backup utility features backup of E-mail messages, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Windows s

NovaBack QIC for Windows NT/2000 - Server Edition 342)   NovaBack QIC for Windows NT/2000 - Server Edition 6.6
NovaBack for Windows NT/2000 Server supports hundreds of different QIC tape drives and controller card combinations

Careful Backup 1.5 343)   Careful Backup 1.5
Careful Backup is the complete solution for backups of your sensitive data and also the easiest one

Alcohol 120% 344)   Alcohol 120%
Emulation software allowing users to play CDs & DVDs without the need for the physical disc

CleverCell Phone Manager 345)   CleverCell Phone Manager 1.2
CleverCell Phone Manager - logging, multimedia and synchronization tool.

Copier 346)   Copier 2.3
Useful utility, everyday

Hide Folder Backup 347)   Hide Folder Backup 3
Try this fully automatic backup software which only requires you to create a backup job and specify when to execute it

TurboBackup 348)   TurboBackup 4.0
Recover data from Windows and software errors, virus attack, and hardware crash

WebSynchronizer 349)   WebSynchronizer 1.0
Back up, mirror, and synchronize your data between local or remote computers.

Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup 350)   Arctor Disk-To-Disk Backup
Arctor is an easy-to-use and very powerful disk-to-disk backup solution.


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