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MyOdd Desktop Application(1) 301)   MyOdd Desktop Application(1) 2.10
MyOdd is a desktop application that allows you to take control of what is currently running on your system, (take a screen shot and log who uses what!)

DzSoft Paste & Save 302)   DzSoft Paste & Save 2003
Paste & Save is a handy little utility that can save pieces of text on the Clipboard for reuse, before you accidentally overwrite it

SynchPro Backup 303)   SynchPro Backup 2.1
Syncpro synchronizes Folders and Files on the same drive, another drive or across the network

Ascella Log Monitor Plus 304)   Ascella Log Monitor Plus 1.4.1
Allows users to monitor events recorded in the Application, Security, System logs, dispatches the notifications about events via LAN, which can be received by the Windows NT4/2000 Messenger service, and using e-mail, SMS and ICQ (via e-mail gates)

InfoGrabber 305)   InfoGrabber 1.05
Virtual printer for Win9x

Trout’s Internet Clock 306)   Trout’s Internet Clock 1.6
Desktop Clock, Scheduler and Time Synchronizer

File Backup Watcher Lite Edition 307)   File Backup Watcher Lite Edition 2.7.1
Manual and semi-automated backup systems are as effective as using a screwdriver for driving nails into wood

Actual Search & Replace 308)   Actual Search & Replace 2.6.32
The program is an advanced tool to perform search and replace operations across multiple text files

FinalRecovery File Undelete Software 309)   FinalRecovery File Undelete Software 1.4
FinalRecovery is a powerful and convenient data recovery solution

1 Click & Lock 310)   1 Click & Lock 2.8
1Click & Lock up is a system tray security utility you can use to secure your desktop when you step away from your PC

1 Click & Go 311)   1 Click & Go 1.271
1 Click & Go looks as a Windows toolbar designed for easy access, open and execute files and folders that you often use

Easy File & Folder Protector 312)   Easy File & Folder Protector 3.95
Protect files and folders situated on local media of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP with Easy File & Folder Protector at Windows kernel level

JFuse 313)   JFuse 3
Joins or splits media files

Typograf 314)   Typograf 4.8f
Top class font manager for OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type1 and printer fonts

Paraben''s Password Manager 315)   Paraben''s Password Manager 2.1.2
Paraben''s Password Manager is an easy to use personal password management program

Advanced HTML Optimizer 316)   Advanced HTML Optimizer 3.1
Advanced HTML Optimizer is intended for HTML documents optimizing, resulting in shorter downloading / uploading time

FileVan For DOS 317)   FileVan For DOS 2.60
A $29

Child Control 2005 318)   Child Control 2005 7.153
The most optimal parental control for all Windows-PCs (incl

Spy Cleaner 319)   Spy Cleaner 7.1.3
Spy Cleaner identifies and removes these surreptitiously installed applications

Power Spike - Baldur''s Gate 2 SoA 320)   Power Spike - Baldur''s Gate 2 SoA 1.00
Baldur''s Gate 2 SoA Character Trainer

PC On/Off Time 321)   PC On/Off Time 2.0
shows the working time on your computer of the last 3 weeks graphically

ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock 322)   ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock 2.6.6
The ZoneTick download replaces Windows system clock with a multiple time zone clock, utilizing skins, alarms, and double-click actions for each timezone

HVFULLSC - Full Screen Video Card and CPI Fonts 323)   HVFULLSC - Full Screen Video Card and CPI Fonts 1.0
The HVFULLSC package allows you to replace the poor quality full screen OEM VGA hardware fonts provided in Windows Codepage Information files and Video Graphics card''s ROM BIOS with Procon''s High Visibility HVFont

MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 324)   MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 2.0.14
MaxiVista is a multi monitor software and turns any spare PC into an extra monitor for your primary PC

Plexis KeyInjector Serial Wedge Software 325)   Plexis KeyInjector Serial Wedge Software 2.1
KeyInjector multi-port serial wedge software enables serial devices to communicate with your Windows applications

1 Magic Tweak 326)   1 Magic Tweak 1.0
This unique software makes it easy to tweak hundreds of hidden settings in Windows XP/2000/Me/98! The ability to tweak almost any aspect of Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Me/98

Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 327)   Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 2.1
Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 2

PMP 328)   PMP 6.1
PMP is a performance monitor for remote Windows servers

Softaholic’s ClipboardSaver 329)   Softaholic’s ClipboardSaver 2..0.1
Softaholic's ClipboardSaver is a handy utility that works with the Windows Clipboard

EZMem Optimizer 330)   EZMem Optimizer 2.0.25
Emsa EZMem Optimizer is a very simple Free RAM utility

Child Control 2005 331)   Child Control 2005 7.153
The most optimal parental control for all Windows-PCs (incl

HVTerminal TrueType Fonts 332)   HVTerminal TrueType Fonts 1.0
The HVTerminal suite is a set of Hi-Visibility TrueType Terminal fonts NT terminal windows and MS-DOS Boxes

Serial Port Mapper 333)   Serial Port Mapper 1.0
Serial Port Mapper allows you to map any serial ports to any other serial ports

power Process 334)   power Process 2.0
power Process 2

Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5 335)   Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5 4.5
Virtual Serial Port Driver XP (VSPD XP) is a powerful solution for serial port emulation

Delete FXP Files 336)   Delete FXP Files 1.2.72
Delete FXP Files helps you clean up a FTP server after it has been tagged with files and folders that use reserved itentifiers that Explorer and the command prompt cannot handle correctly

XSwitch 337)   XSwitch 1.1.1
XSwitch: Visual Alt-Tab replacement and more - new functionality to switch between your tasks and windows, managinent you PC state

AgentTray for 2000-XP 338)   AgentTray for 2000-XP 2.0
Optimization the Expanded list of last documents, wallpapper, the control of the autoloading, the built - in service of an exchange of messages

Awin System Cleaner 339)   Awin System Cleaner 1.50
Optimize your Windows system for higher performance,Clean windows registry,remove useless files ,Erase your track and Recover your browser after Spyware hijack

Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) 340)   Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) 1.3.2
ACU is powerful clipboard extender

Eltima Serial Port Monitor 341)   Eltima Serial Port Monitor 1.2
Serial Port Monitor is a professional application for monitoring serial data exchange between serial devices and any Windows application

Awin System Cleaner 342)   Awin System Cleaner 2.0
Optimize your Windows system for higher performance,Clean windows registry,remove useless files ,Erase your track and Recover your browser after Spyware hijack

MP3 Alarm Clock 343)   MP3 Alarm Clock 1.6
The days of your annoying alarm clock noises are over

Registry CheckUp 344)   Registry CheckUp 2.3
Improve system performance by safely locating and fixing Registry problems such as bad references, orphaned links, and invalid data

IKF 345)   IKF 3.0.1936
IKFpro displays the product-installation keys from: Win 2000/2003/XP, Office 2002/2003, SQL-Server 2000

SmartSleep - auto shutdown utility 346)   SmartSleep - auto shutdown utility 3.5
SmartSleep is new and free to try utility for shutting down computer at specified time, with task scheduler and atomic clock synchronization

Yankee Clipper X 347)   Yankee Clipper X
Super powerful clipboard extender with support for all formats- text, pictures, Rich Text, MS Office formats, just to name a few

Automate with GOFLOW Lite 348)   Automate with GOFLOW Lite 3.4
Automate tasks on your PC - just by drawing diagrams

WinCustomizer - Admin Edition 349)   WinCustomizer - Admin Edition 1.1.40
WinCustomizer is a program that allows you to manipulate an enormous amount of windows settings

Shut-it Down 350)   Shut-it Down 1.1
Shut-it Down is a professional utility that you can use to shut down Windows


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