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CD Autostart Creator 1951)   CD Autostart Creator 2.1
This software lets you equip CDs with an autostart feature in just seconds

FileStore 1952)   FileStore 1.05
FileStore provides a simple means to backup data in an easy, regular manner.

Kyboma Find Files N Show 1953)   Kyboma Find Files N Show 1.21
Program to find text within files on disk with complex criteria.

miniPick 1954)   miniPick 1.6.0
Create and view colors in HSV, RGB and more.

NewName Pro 1955)   NewName Pro 2.00
rename and sort files, edit or make id3 tags, build and save directorystructures

Protector of Health 1956)   Protector of Health 2.5a
The fully functional program for protection of health of computer users!

Remote dbProfessional 1957)   Remote dbProfessional 2.0
Powerful Remote Database Management System for Pervasive.SQL, xBase, MS-Access..

Visual Log 1958)   Visual Log 1.10
Visual Log is an advanced windows 2000/2003/XP event logger and viewer, It real-time log the running programs, associated inputs, files and screenshots

! Error Killer 1959)   ! Error Killer 2006
Repair Windows Registry, Kernel32 DLL and Access Violation Errors. - FREE SCAN

Diskeeper Server Standard 1960)   Diskeeper Server Standard 8.0
Fragmentation is dealing your computer a slow death.

Flobo Free Anti Spyware Clean 1961)   Flobo Free Anti Spyware Clean 1.7
Removes spyware cleaning your system.

Flash Renamer 1962)   Flash Renamer 4.71
Advanced batch renaming utility for people with large amount of files and Mp3's.

Go4Customer Answering Machine 1963)   Go4Customer Answering Machine 1.1
Answering Machine ,Answering Machine Message

Icon Editor 1964)   Icon Editor 5.3.0
A full-featured and powerful Icon Editor for Windows icons and cursors

Magic Basket 1965)   Magic Basket 1.41
Magic Basket is an useful and comfortable assistant for Windows Explorer.

SlyPrint 1966)   SlyPrint 1.00
SlyPrint is a program which allows printing CD labels in one click!

SoundGraffiti 1967)   SoundGraffiti 1.0
A true color music forthcoming. Visualization plugin for WinAmp.

System Inspector 1968)   System Inspector 1.1
Keep your PC running faster, cleaner, and error free! Protect your privacy!

WinINSTALL 1969)   WinINSTALL 8.5
Complete Desktop Lifecycle Management

Zip Backup to CD 1970)   Zip Backup to CD 3.18
Data backup to CD or DVD using the standard Zip file format.

SpeedFan 4.05 1971)   SpeedFan 4.05
Monitor fan speeds, temperatures and voltages in computers with hardware monitoring chips

DejaSurf 1972)   DejaSurf 3.2.0
Fill in web forms and passwords. Hide popup ads.

DLOCK2 1973)   DLOCK2 2.01
Simple strong file encryption command line utility with complete source code.

Extract Link 1974)   Extract Link 2.40
Search and extract links from any type of file

FLaunch 1975)   FLaunch 1.1
Launch apps, files, and folders with the press of a function key.

Iconomizer 1976)   Iconomizer 2.52
Enables quick access to your favorite programs from the system tray.

KikBak File Protection Utility 1977)   KikBak File Protection Utility 2.1
Protects important folders by maintaining duplicates on other devices

#Remove Access Security 1978)   #Remove Access Security 3.0
'Remove Access Security 3.0' is the ultimate security tool.

Word PhoneBook 1979)   Word PhoneBook 3.3
Word PhoneBook 3.3 [ASP] - Address your documents with ease

Registry Cleaner and Fixer 1980)   Registry Cleaner and Fixer 1.52
Help you get rid of the bloat in Windows registry

Trout’s Internet Clock 1981)   Trout’s Internet Clock 1.6
Desktop Clock, Scheduler and Time Synchronizer

1ClickZoom 1982)   1ClickZoom 1CZ-1.00.0
1ClickZoom magnifies your computer screen with all the functionality of the built-in Windows screen magnifier program magnify

XNeat 1983)   XNeat
X Neat Software adds [Stay On Top],[Taskbar Sorter] & much more to Windows !

Handy timer, calendar, scheduler type message notifier. Stores messages.

Calendar 2000 1985)   Calendar 2000 4.3
Display a small monthly calendar on the Windows desktop.

Captain Tray Pro 1986)   Captain Tray Pro 6.4
simple and effective tool for tray management under Windows OS

Dialog Box Assistant 1987)   Dialog Box Assistant 2.1
Software that speeds up access to recent folders and files in system dialogs.

FlashTray 1988)   FlashTray 3.6
Multifunctional system tray utility : Launcher, Hotkeys, Macros, Highlighter

KeyState 1989)   KeyState 3.0
KeyState will prevent you from accidentally pressing Caps Lock, Num Lock or overwrite, so expect no more nasty surprises when typing a text

Private InfoKeeper 1990)   Private InfoKeeper 2.6
Elegant, unique featured, powerful and secure personal information manager

Resplendent Registrar 1991)   Resplendent Registrar 3.30
full-featured registry manager and editor for administrators and power users

! Hard Drive Mechanic ! 1992)   ! Hard Drive Mechanic ! 2006
Hard Drive Mechanic - Data Recovery, Hard Drive Repair and Diagnostics Software.

TimePlus 1993)   TimePlus 1.31

USAPuzzle! Macintosh 1994)   USAPuzzle! Macintosh 2K+
USA Geography Jigsaw Puzzles On Screen Keyboard 1995) On Screen Keyboard 1.907
Customize the on screen keyboard's color, layout, size and all your requirement.

AllToTray 1996)   AllToTray 4.6.3
Minimize ANY program as icon in your System Tray.

Desktop Resetter 1997)   Desktop Resetter 1.7.1
Saves and restores desktop icon positions for multiple monitor resolutions

Floppy Image 1998)   Floppy Image 2.2.5
Creates image files of floppy disks and back.

LogEdit 1999)   LogEdit 0.86
LogEdit allows the user to edit ANSI documents and export them to HTML and RTF

Memphis Traders 2000)   Memphis Traders 1.0
Easy to use application for Trade and Accounting.


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