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MemCheck Pro 1851)   MemCheck Pro 3.0
MemCheck Pro automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources. Closing an a

MemoryDef 1852)   MemoryDef
Restore your PC system resources (RAM) with this application.

Microangelo 1853)   Microangelo 5.58
The "Grand-daddy" of icon utilities!

Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager 1854)   Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager 1.0
Reboot 1000 computers in 5 minutes. Tops.

MyOdd Desktop Application 1855)   MyOdd Desktop Application 2.10
MyOdd is a windows management system allowing you take control of your desktop.

NetStatus 1856)   NetStatus
NetStatus is a network monitoring tool with a 100% web interface.

Network Searcher 1857)   Network Searcher 3.6.0
A new generation of network searching utilities. Free trial.

Parallel Port Viewer 1858)   Parallel Port Viewer 1.27
This program allows you to view and control parallel port on hardware level.

PE Compact 1859)   PE Compact 1.76
This is an advanced Windows executable file compressor.

Popup Blocker 1860)   Popup Blocker
Popup Blocker lets you surf the web without a constant barrage of ads.

Print Preview ActiveX Control 1861)   Print Preview ActiveX Control 1.40
Print Preview ActiveX is free to use and open source. It prints grid or table.

RefreshEm 1862)   RefreshEm 1.0
Quickly Repair Windows Icon Cache

Script 232 1863)   Script 232
RS 232 scripting add-in for MS-Excel

Security Department 1864)   Security Department 1.9
Security Department is a resident file system protector for Windows 95/98/ME.

SelfCron 1865)   SelfCron 2.20.0066
Use the most accurate atomic clocks of the world to set your windows pc's time

SiteShelter Website Backup Utility 1866)   SiteShelter Website Backup Utility 2.1
SiteShelter Remote Website Backup Utility to automatically back up web sites.

SMS Server 1867)   SMS Server 5.2
The SMS Wall is a software, that can be used in clubs, restaurants for entertainment purposes or at conferences for information presentation

SoftCAT 1868)   SoftCAT 2.00
SoftCAT is a database application designed to help you organize your software

Speaking Calendar 1869)   Speaking Calendar 6.6.7
Speaking Calendar is a desktop calendar/appointment manager.

SuperCleaner 1870)   SuperCleaner 2.81
Cleans out unneeded files from your hard drive, protects your Internet privacy

ToggleMINIMIZE 1871)   ToggleMINIMIZE 2.0.5
ToggleMINIMIZE is a great app that lets you organize your Windows task bar.

ToggleVOLUME 1872)   ToggleVOLUME 1.2.0
ToggleVOLUME gives you great control over your computer sound volume.

TurboNote 1873)   TurboNote 3.4
sticky note post it PIM software; download to easily boost business productivity

Tweak Boy 1874)   Tweak Boy 1.52
Tweak Boy provides instant access to a variety of Windows settings,makes it easy to tweak hundreds of hidden settings in Windows XP/2000/Me/98

WhizFolder Viewer 1875)   WhizFolder Viewer 5.5.3
A Freeware Viewer for WhizFolder documents

WinBooster 5.0 1876)   WinBooster 5.0 5.0
Achieve the most out of Microsoft Windows

XFilesDialog 1877)   XFilesDialog 3.10
XFilesDialog is designed to improve all the standard file dialogs

XNote Stopwatch 1878)   XNote Stopwatch 1.40
Digital stopwatch and countdown timer utility for your computer's desktop

Zip Backup to CD 1879)   Zip Backup to CD 3.18
Data backup to CD or DVD using the standard Zip file format.

Ariolic NTPager 1880)   Ariolic NTPager 1.6
Ariolic NTPager is a useful and handy network messanger for WindowsNT/2000

Langmeier Backup 1881)   Langmeier Backup 1.2
Langmeier Backup is a completely standard program for the data protection.

12Ghosts Startup 1882)   12Ghosts Startup 7.10
Control which programs run at Windows startup

1 Clock Domain Multi Zone 1883)   1 Clock Domain Multi Zone 1.0
3D multi zone clock with alarms, notes, reminders, animations and skin exchange

ADingOD Screen2Mail 1884)   ADingOD Screen2Mail 3.3
search and replace utility (regular expressions support)

Admin Report Kit for IIS - (ARKIIS) 1885)   Admin Report Kit for IIS - (ARKIIS) 2.3.4
ARKIIS is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators.

Advanced XP Tweak 1886)   Advanced XP Tweak 2.52
Get the most of your Windows XP driven PC by fine-tuning your Windows XP system

Annihilator 1887)   Annihilator 1.0
Annihilator, the permanent delete software solution for your sensitive files

Automize 1888)   Automize 6.11
Task scheduler and automation sofware

Backup Watcher for Interbase 1889)   Backup Watcher for Interbase 2.0.1
Adjusted by Wizard planner Interbase Backup program has intuitive interface

Boot Room 2000 1890)   Boot Room 2000 2.1
Soccer administration system for MS Windows

CHAOS Public Key 1891)   CHAOS Public Key 4.23
CHAOS & Public Key make dialogue free.

Clipboard Genie 1892)   Clipboard Genie 4.1
Saves Clipboard Text/Graphics Automatically,Hotkeys to run applciations/sendkeys

ClockDummy! 1893)   ClockDummy! 1.7
Atomic clock, say the time, enhances taskbar clock

CodeRed Hunter 1894)   CodeRed Hunter 1.5
PC Spy / Monitoring Software.

Cookies Kil 1895)   Cookies Kil 5.0
Cookies Killer, internet privacy software remove all internet tracks automatica

DeskBar 1896)   DeskBar 1.5
DeskBar allows quick access to commonly used functions in Windows.

DesktopPlus 1897)   DesktopPlus 2.6
Helps you organize your Desktop. Split your desktop up into 9 virtual desktops.

DiFolders 1898)   DiFolders 2.3
Program that automates file routines with given rules for file types.

DLLAide 1899)   DLLAide 1.15.0
Allows you to check that old Dynamic Link Librabries, or DLLs, have not replaced newer DLLs when you run it after installing software under Windows 95/98

Easy Batch Builder 1900)   Easy Batch Builder 2.1
An application that provides a simple and easy way of creating DOS batch files.


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