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ProcTune 1851)   ProcTune 1.8
This smart program will allow you to set very precisely

ServiWin 1852)   ServiWin 1.10
displays the list of installed drivers and services on your system.

UnzipThemAll 1853)   UnzipThemAll 1.3
Extract all your archive files without any archiver program (rar, zip, ace)

Virtual AD 1854)   Virtual AD 2.0
checking, planning, reporting, simulating, troubleshooting Active Directory

XLRDocBuilder for Windows 1855)   XLRDocBuilder for Windows 1.0
Easily build and maintain either online and offline HTML-based documents in several formats (XLR, XML, HTML) Automatically import HTMLs and associated resource files to generate organized documents

Secret Messenger Of Your Privacy 1856)   Secret Messenger Of Your Privacy 1.01

AccPlus 1857)   AccPlus 1.1
An utility for Smart Battery control and serial memory programming

ActMon Password Recovery XP 1858)   ActMon Password Recovery XP 4.33a
Display Passwords behind the asterisks on Web pages and on ALL Windows systems.

Actual Search & Replace 1859)   Actual Search & Replace 2.6.4
This tool provides search-and-replace operations across multiple text files

Hotkey Assistant 1860)   Hotkey Assistant 1.55
Powerful and easy-to-use hotkey manager with wide range of capabilities

Logbook 1861)   Logbook 1.7
Logbuch. Registration of working hours on your PC.

Oracle Quick Check 1862)   Oracle Quick Check 1.0
Oracle Quick Check will evaluate a large number of critical values and report back with a set of tuning recommendations

Paragon Drive Backup Personal 1863)   Paragon Drive Backup Personal 6.0
Complete and convenient solution for hard disk backups, upgrades and cloning!

Picture Caller ID 1864)   Picture Caller ID 2.0
Picture Caller ID identifies callers before you answer the phone

WorshipCenter Pro 1865)   WorshipCenter Pro 3.0.0
WorshipCenter Pro is a worship presentation software package for churches.

ListManager 1866)   ListManager 7.8
High-performance software for opt-in email marketing & discussion groups

Active SMART 1867)   Active SMART 2.42
Active SMART utilizes the S

Advanced Service Manager (ASM) 1868)   Advanced Service Manager (ASM) 2.0
Advanced Service Manager (ASM) helps manage Services on NT machines, across the enterprise from a single machine at the same time

Atomic PC Clock 1869)   Atomic PC Clock 1.2
Atomic PC Clock allows you to make the most of your time!

CleanMantra 1870)   CleanMantra 1.5
CleanMantra provides total cleaning of unwanted files & information from your PC

Desktop Image 1871)   Desktop Image 2.0.0
Use plain paper to create and Print a Professional Proposal in color

Lock My PC 1872)   Lock My PC 4.1
Protect your valuable data by locking your PC with a double click! Try it now!

SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption 1873)   SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption 2.10
SafeHouse provides transparent on-the-fly hard drive encryption for your PC.

Shut Down Expert 1874)   Shut Down Expert 4.66
The best way to wake up and turn off your computer.

Delete FXP Files 1875)   Delete FXP Files 1.2.72
Delete FXP Files helps you clean up a FTP server after it has been tagged with files and folders that use reserved itentifiers that Explorer and the command prompt cannot handle correctly

Sepham FileXplorer 5 1876)   Sepham FileXplorer 5 Phoenix Version
It does the preview of the files in your computer (images, texts, sounds, video,

Speed Up PC 1877)   Speed Up PC 2.0
Speed Up PC automatically fine-tunes all your resources including hardware, system settings and internet usage to operate at peak performance at all times

My WinPopup Express 1878)   My WinPopup Express 2005.10
Improve communication in your company, office,...

Actual Booster 1879)   Actual Booster 2.0
Allows you to optimize your computers performance and make your computer faster.

CallerID Box 1880)   CallerID Box 1.1.0
Simple TAPI based caller ID application

CD-Cover Editor 1881)   CD-Cover Editor 3.0
Design and print labels and inserts for CD jewel cases and DVD cases.

ConvertCsv 1882)   ConvertCsv 1.31
A simple csv (comma separated values) file to text convertor for SenLab01

FileLink 1883)   FileLink 2.0.0
FileLink creates a second name for an existing file. The file will have 2 names.

Keep It (a) Secret! 1884)   Keep It (a) Secret! 2002B
Keep your passwords, userids, etc. secure, in just one place.

ListMaker 1885)   ListMaker 3.3
Very easy to use, generates customizable text or HTML lists of your files

NextSTART 1886)   NextSTART 3.3
Skinnable menu and task management util, can be used instead of the Start Menu.

PE Compact 1887)   PE Compact 1.76
This is an advanced Windows executable file compressor.

PowerControl 1888)   PowerControl 1.0
Shutdown reboot and etc. computers

Shutdown Manager and Tools 1889)   Shutdown Manager and Tools
Shutdown Manager with many add-ons and Tools !

StormWindow XP 1890)   StormWindow XP 7.01
StormWindow provides desktop and system security for a shared Windows XP PC.

Two Handed Net Spades 1891)   Two Handed Net Spades 3.0
Play Two Handed Spades against the computer or against an opponent on a network

Samsung SGH-C100 Flasher/Dumper 1892)   Samsung SGH-C100 Flasher/Dumper
Samsung SGH-C100/C110 Flasher/Dumper

SpeedItUp Extreme - Free Speed Booster 1893)   SpeedItUp Extreme - Free Speed Booster 3.75b
Free - Speed up your PC by 300% or More.

ActiveTextBox 1894)   ActiveTextBox 2.3
Stop typing day in and out; insert text strings into dialog boxes automatically!

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARXchange) 1895)   Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARXchange) 3.0
ARKXchange is a reporting tool for Microsoft Exchange Server Administrators.

Ankrie MassView 1896)   Ankrie MassView 1.15
View and extract icons, cursors and bitmaps from resources of EXE and DLL files

Barroco 1897)   Barroco 0.9
BARROCO code is 2D bar code and it can handle any binary or text data

CryptCD 1898)   CryptCD 2.0
Password protected encrypted CD image,burn with your burner software,Add files, decoy setup screen,users think its just another install CD

Executable Explorer Basic Edition XP 1899)   Executable Explorer Basic Edition XP 6.00
Executable Explorer shows the links between an executable and the modules (DLLs, OCXs) it requires to run on the system, imported and exported functions (APIs), reference material such as headers; memory information, Registry information and more

Force Shutdown 1900)   Force Shutdown 1.2
Assign hotkeys for Logoff/Restart/Shutdown finishing work actions


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