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PC Diagnose by Blaiz Enterprises 1651)   PC Diagnose by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.039
Determine actual speed of computer hardware components in realtime. Multilingual

Active Cleaner 1652)   Active Cleaner 1.1
Cleans usage tracks, searches and deletes junk files, protects from spyware

AD File Transmitter 1653)   AD File Transmitter 1.5
Automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices.

AppsProtector XP 1654)   AppsProtector XP 2.1
AppsProtector XP lock whith password your executables files.

Ap Document To PDF 1655)   Ap Document To PDF 1.1
It is an doc converter that allows you to convert your documents from any Windows application to over hundred file types including searchable PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPEG, RTF, HTML, etc

Automation Commander 1656)   Automation Commander 1.03
File management scheduler which is able to periodically backup, cleanup, FTP upload, HTTP, send by email files/directories, run/shutdown programs

CHMUnpacker 1657)   CHMUnpacker 3.3
search and replace utility (regular expressions support)

Clipboard Clear 1658)   Clipboard Clear 1.0
System security by prohibiting the use of the PrintScreen key.

diskSpace Explorer Home Edition 1659)   diskSpace Explorer Home Edition 3.0
Manage your hard disk space, find useless items, and free up valuable space.

Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003 1660)   Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003 6.1.1
DocKIT is a simple tool to import and migrate documents from multiple systems.

JobFocus 1661)   JobFocus
Limit employees to job-required software

My eDiary 1662)   My eDiary 1.62
You can use it to keep track of your personal information

Private Sitez 1663)   Private Sitez 3.0.1
The ultimate password organizer for Windows

RAMDiskNT 1664)   RAMDiskNT 1.5
Creates a ramdisk using your computer's RAM. It appears as a normal hard disk.

TWKleinGross 1665)   TWKleinGross 1.0
File rename

Win-Medic Registry Compressor 1666)   Win-Medic Registry Compressor 2.01.69
Improve system performance - defragment and compress the Windows registry

DBF Viewer PRO 1667)   DBF Viewer PRO 4.0.1
DBF Viewer Pro is a viewer and toolbox for DBF database files

Fastcheque 1668)   Fastcheque 1.3
Very simple program that lets you print out single cheques (checks) or batches from a list file (CSV format)

RegClean 4.1a 1669)   RegClean 4.1a
A fairly small application that will save a lot of start-up time

12Ghosts 12Gee 1670)   12Ghosts 12Gee 7.10
Save plenty of time with these easy-to-use utilities for Windows.

1st Calculator 1671)   1st Calculator 1.15
Expression calculator and converter with skins and lots of features

AxCrypt 1672)   AxCrypt 1.6.1
Easy to use strong file encryption, integrated with Windows Explorer.

Casper RAM Cleaner 1673)   Casper RAM Cleaner 2.3
Casper RAM Cleaner increases your system performance.

Casting Calculator 1674)   Casting Calculator 3.0
Lost wax casting calculator metal alloy converter will ajust weights of metals.

Emsa DiskCheck 1675)   Emsa DiskCheck 1.0.57
Disk checking and benchmarking tool - scans CD/DVD/HDD etc. Freeware.

Key Mouse Genie 1676)   Key Mouse Genie 4.1
lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. Mouse Wrap Functions

Magic Folders XP 1677)   Magic Folders XP 04.04.2
World's most popular file hiding program does so easily and effectively

MailUtils 1678)   MailUtils 1.01
MSmail postoffice administrators can use it to search for wasted disc space occupied by emails that can be deleted or users that are not collecting their email

Paragon Drive Backup 6.0 Personal Version 1679)   Paragon Drive Backup 6.0 Personal Version 6.0
Complete and convenient solution for hard disk backups, upgrades and cloning!

Power Defrag 1680)   Power Defrag 3.01
Power Defrag 3 provides optimised defragmentation, disk checking and system functions

RegistryProt 1681)   RegistryProt 2.0
RegistryProt is a free registry monitor that alerts you to changes immediately.

Windows Uptime 1682)   Windows Uptime 1.6
Displays how long time in days, hours, minutes and seconds that your system has been up as well as the exact time of boot

... and I Quote!!(tm) 1683)   ... and I Quote!!(tm) 2.0.8
Maintain a database of your favorite quotes, append any one to your emails!

FileGhost 1684)   FileGhost 1.0
Lock, hide and protect your files, folders and volumes in various ways.

FinalRecovery File Undelete Software 1685)   FinalRecovery File Undelete Software 1.4
FinalRecovery is a powerful and convenient data recovery solution

1 2 3 JavaScript Library 1686)   1 2 3 JavaScript Library 2.0
Create amazing javascript in seconds

ApplyIt Network Tools 1687)   ApplyIt Network Tools 1.0
Visual Network Tools to replace standard console utilities

CopyLock 1688)   CopyLock 1.09
Replace or delete one or many files or folders currently in use

CSDiff 1689)   CSDiff 5.0
ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) - Free file-difference analysis tool

CWShex32 1690)   CWShex32 5.6
Shell extension: Print contents of folders / show versioninformation of files

DIAG 1691)   DIAG 4.60
Get all information about your hardware without opening your computer.

DiamondCS ProcessGuard 1692)   DiamondCS ProcessGuard 3
A powerful security app for Windows, blocks rootkits, spyware and much more

iSysVal Reference 1693)   iSysVal Reference 1.0
It contains complete information about IBM iSeries ( AS/400 ) System Values.

KbStart 1694)   KbStart 1.7
KbStart provides lightning fast keyboard access to items in your Start Menu.

Lucid 1695)   Lucid 1.2
Lucid will add automatic transparency effects to any window.

QuickAccess 1696)   QuickAccess 1.0
QuickAccess: Accelerate your actions by using short command

Right click commander 2000 1697)   Right click commander 2000 2.2.0
Upgrade Windows Explorer and Dialog boxes. Change folder with one mouse click.

SMB File Sniffer 1698)   SMB File Sniffer
SMB File Sniffer

Types Popup Free 1699)   Types Popup Free 1.01
An advanced utility which adjusts popup menus for different file types .

Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 1700)   Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 5.0
VSPD XP 5.0 creates virtual RS232 ports and emulates serial connection.


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