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FileVault 1251)   FileVault 3.0
Secure your images, movies, passwords etc Securely delete files & leave no trace

File Shredder 1252)   File Shredder 2.0
Permanently remove files from your hard drive. Free to try.

Kzip 2001 ( Win 98/ME/2000 Version ) 1253)   Kzip 2001 ( Win 98/ME/2000 Version ) 3.0
It is a nice file compression tool

Language Identifier 1254)   Language Identifier 1.5
Automatically recognize what language a document is written in.

MadCalc 1255)   MadCalc 1.0
MadCalc is a full featured graphing calculator application for Windows.

Multi-Remote Registry Change 1256)   Multi-Remote Registry Change 3.6
Fast, Easy and Complete Remote Registry Management for Windows NT/2000/XP

Palette Express 1257)   Palette Express 1.0
Hundreds of Images, One Common Palette -- With Palette Express!

1st Atomic Time 1258)   1st Atomic Time 2.12
Keeps your system time accurate by synchronizing it with atomic time servers

Active@ NTFS Reader for DOS 1259)   Active@ NTFS Reader for DOS 1.0.2
Preview files on NTFS and copy them from NTFS to FAT volumes or network drives

Advanced File Shredder 1260)   Advanced File Shredder 1.14
Securely erase files or folders on your PC using US Government standards

ConversionTool 1261)   ConversionTool 4.2.1
Comprehensive conversion of Access to SQL Server, BTrieve re-engineering

EzMagnifier 1262)   EzMagnifier 1.2
EzMagnifier is a small utility to magnify a portion of the screen.

Keyboard Manager Deluxe 1263)   Keyboard Manager Deluxe 2.13
Assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys.

Network Analyzer 1264)   Network Analyzer 2.1
Automatically monitor the machines (NT/2000/XP) in your network and get notified visually, by voice or email when usage of the CPU/Memory/Disk/Network is excessive

Passphrase Keeper 1265)   Passphrase Keeper 2.60
Protect and manage your passwords with ease!

Power Search 1266)   Power Search 1.0
A fast archive peeking uitlity supporting well known formats: Zip, Cab, Tar etc.

!Remove Access Passwords! 1267)   !Remove Access Passwords! 2.0
Remove Passwords from MS-Access databases

stickIt_LE 1268)   stickIt_LE 1.5.0
Create “sticky notes” on your desktop.

WhatChanged for Windows 1269)   WhatChanged for Windows 2.0
Reduce TCO by automatically tracking all changes to files and registry

WIDO Logbook 1270)   WIDO Logbook 1.3
Logbook. Registration of working hours on your PC.

Secure Files 1271)   Secure Files 2.8
Secure Files allows you to hide,protect and encrypt your personal files and folders easily, the protected files will be encrypted and unreadable

HDDlife Pro 1272)   HDDlife Pro 2.9.105
Real-time hard drive statistics, alerts, malfunction protection, free download.

Acrasoft AutoPilot 1273)   Acrasoft AutoPilot 2.30
AutoPilot is a program that helps you automate tasks.

Acronis Migrate Easy 1274)   Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0
Acronis Migrate Easy allows to install a new hard disk on your PC.

AEA's Resume Blaster 1275)   AEA's Resume Blaster 1.3.19
Create and deliver your resume to 46,400 recruiters nationwide using this tool

Bati Replace 1276)   Bati Replace 0.9.9
Replacing text in multiple VB projects is no longer tedious.

Cotton Calendar 1277)   Cotton Calendar 1.62
Create, display, and print calendars and schedules. Free schedules available.

EditPad Lite 1278)   EditPad Lite 6.1.2
Convenient basic text editor and Notepad replacement

Eraser 1279)   Eraser 5.3
Erase data permanently. Free.

EventTracker for Windows 1280)   EventTracker for Windows 3.0
Display Win NT/2000 Events on any machine in real-time at a central location

HiP 1281)   HiP 3.02
HiP is intended for hide icons of the applications appearing in System Tray

NitroRAM 1282)   NitroRAM 2.1
NitroRAM can make your computer go faster by freeing wasted RAM!

PC Activity Monitor Net 1283)   PC Activity Monitor Net 6.3
Undetectable monitoring and surveillance tool

PieceCopy 1284)   PieceCopy 1.1
PieceCopy is a tiny tool which extracts / rescues portions of a specific file

Simple RS 232 monitor 1285)   Simple RS 232 monitor
Small diagnostic program used to monitor RS 232 communications between devices.

takeAbreak - vision care utility 1286)   takeAbreak - vision care utility 1.4
takeAbreak is a vision care program which helps you to save and protect your eyes and make your work with computer more effective, comfortable and safe

AlmerShredder 1287)   AlmerShredder 1.05
Complete file shredder solution for Windows with many features.

Axessh 1288)   Axessh 3.0
SSH Client for Windows, secure the connections to your remote systems

A - CopyM8 1289)   A - CopyM8 2.00.003
CopyM8 copies multiple fields or cells from one database, spreadsheet or form and pastes them into another database, spreadsheet, form or word processor

CheckQuota 1290)   CheckQuota 1.7
Monitors folder size and locks it for write processes if limit is reached

Defrag for Windows 1291)   Defrag for Windows 4.0
Utility to do the tedious task of a complete disk defrag and optimization.

Easy Remover 2004 Lite 1292)   Easy Remover 2004 Lite 3.0
Easy, quick and efficient uninstall, manage, cleanup and protect privacy.

My Drivers 1293)   My Drivers 3.11
Extract, backup, restore and update all device drivers currently on your system.

PADPDF 1294)   PADPDF 0.1
PADPDF is a TXT2PDF maker with an easy to use notepad editor. Freeware

SystemReport 1295)   SystemReport 1.00
Generates customized system information to txt file and sends it via email.

Task-O-Matic 1296)   Task-O-Matic 5.0
Stylish task list manager/organizer software for your personal and to do lists

Text Iterator 1297)   Text Iterator 1.0
Text Iterator is a information collect & web page make tool.

webfax miner 1298)   webfax miner 2.50
Webfax miner is designed to search fax numbers from web sites and search engines

WinScheduler 1299)   WinScheduler 6.23
Schedule macros to do repetitive tasks at defined time or on specific event

Admin Report Kit for IIS - (ARKIIS) 1300)   Admin Report Kit for IIS - (ARKIIS) 2.3.4
ARKIIS is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators.


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