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A1 Diskclean Gold 1101)   A1 Diskclean Gold 5.0
A1Diskclean Gold finds and fixes PC problems fast, keeping your system running at peak performance and reliability, and properly maintains Windows to prevent problems altogether

Monitor one 1102)   Monitor one FP1.56.250
Intelligent SNMP based network monitoring software

Sub Studio SAMI 1103)   Sub Studio SAMI 1.1.1
Microsoft(r) SAMI format subtitles editing program.

APassword 1104)   APassword 1.01
Random Password Generator.

Biromsoft WebCam 1105)   Biromsoft WebCam 3.01
WebCam is a program for your web camera.

Chronos for PocketPC 1106)   Chronos for PocketPC 2.1
Get unlimited alarms, timers and stopwatches in your pocket

Funny Translator 1107)   Funny Translator 1.01
Funny Translator Translates text of up to 150 words in length

Hardwood Hearts 1108)   Hardwood Hearts 2.2 B65
Play Hearts with your friends and throw fireballs or Kisses at your opponents!

Innovatools What's On My Computer 1109)   Innovatools What's On My Computer 2.0
Identify any file, folder, or program on your PC - use it with confidence!

RegRepair 2000 1110)   RegRepair 2000 4.0.03
The only Windows Registry utility that repair IOS errors conflicts and more.

S2K - Saver2000 1111)   S2K - Saver2000 1.6.1
A screensaver for your own pictures

ScreenTaker 1112)   ScreenTaker 4.10
Screen capture utility designed for getting large number of capures with ease.

Serial Logger Service 1113)   Serial Logger Service 1.0
Records all data received on a serial port to a file on a disk.

Xp Sp2 Integrator 1114)   Xp Sp2 Integrator 1.0
Integrate SP2(service Pack 2) into your own Winxp.

BFTelnet -Telnet Server 1115)   BFTelnet -Telnet Server 1.5
BFTelnet is a telnet server for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

Fast Users Creator 1116)   Fast Users Creator
Create many users on Windows NT/2000/2003

Junk-Out for Outlook 2002/2000 1117)   Junk-Out for Outlook 2002/2000 1.00.0018
Junk-Out is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that uses statistical (Bayesian) techniques to filter out junk e-mail (i

Keyboard Assistant 1118)   Keyboard Assistant 4.3
Keyboard Assistant will prevent you from accidentally pressing Caps Lock, Num Lock or overwrite, so expect no more nasty surprises when typing a text

Kill The Popup 1119)   Kill The Popup
Popup Killer, Cookies Cleaner & Ads Filter. Works with all web browsers.

MouseCam 1120)   MouseCam 1.0
MouseCam is a free small utility that magnifies anything your cursor is over

noHTML for Outlook Express 1121)   noHTML for Outlook Express 1.00
noHTML for Outlook Express converts messages from HTML format to simple text.

orangeProcesstrace 1122)   orangeProcesstrace 2005 1.12
orangeProcesstrace 2005 is an advanced visual process analysis tool

Softaholic's ClipboardSaver 1123)   Softaholic's ClipboardSaver 2..0.1
ClipboardSaver is a handy utility that works with the Windows Clipboard.

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 1124)   O&O Defrag Professional Edition 8.0
O&O Defrag V8 is the newest generation of the very successful O&O Defrag

Password Protect File 1125)   Password Protect File 2.2

AutoPage 1126)   AutoPage 2.1.1
Write stylish, animated Autorun/ Autoplay menu CDs for Windows systems (95 & Up)

Big Birds Screensaver 1127)   Big Birds Screensaver 1.0
beautiful images of big birds, 40 colorful images

Deskman 1128)   Deskman 5.5
A versatile desktop security tool.

Move My Printers 1129)   Move My Printers 03.00.00
Automate a Network Administrators ability to migrate and maintain client printer

Registry Clean Expert 1130)   Registry Clean Expert 3.58
Clean your Windows Registry with ease and boost your system performance

ExpressMirror 1131)   ExpressMirror 2.0
ExpressMirror allows you to synchronize Outlook Express address book with Palm Desktop address book / contacts

WakeupOnStandBy 1132)   WakeupOnStandBy 1.1
Free, compact and handy utility to wake-up (send) PC from (to) Stand-by mode at a predefined time

The Ultimate Troubleshooter 1133)   The Ultimate Troubleshooter 2.61
The Ultimate Startups Manager : a Task, Services, and Startups Manager which, thanks to included information on about every Windows background task, can be used by any user to streamline and configure their PC for speed and, above all, stability

Ariolic NetSend 9x 1134)   Ariolic NetSend 9x 1.2.1
Send messages on Windows 9x as you usualy works on Windows NT.

EventSentry Light v2.41 1135)   EventSentry Light v2.41
EventSentry Light is an event log and system monitoring application that enables system administrators to have eventlog messages sent by email.

LC Copier 1136)   LC Copier 1.0
LC Copier is create a photocopying machine from your scanner and printer.

Masked DNS 1137)   Masked DNS 1.1.0
Masked DNS is a software product which combines basic and advanced DNS functions

ADingOD TextPaste 1138)   ADingOD TextPaste 1.0
Capture desktop with and without taskbar, active window, selected area, any displayed object and send it through email with built-in email client, save it, print/fax it, open with any Grapfic Editor, transfer it to clipboard

Aha Password and Info Manager 1139)   Aha Password and Info Manager 7.03.01
Password and Bookmark Manager

Clipboard Genie 1140)   Clipboard Genie 4.1
Saves Clipboard Text/Graphics Automatically,Hotkeys to run applciations/sendkeys

Hybrid 1141)   Hybrid 2.2.2

PDF Editor 1142)   PDF Editor 2.3
Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text etc.

QuickSearcher 1143)   QuickSearcher 1.4
QuickSearcher is a file search tool with great preview for text search

Single & Multi-File Renamer 1144)   Single & Multi-File Renamer 1.0
The Single & Multi-File Renamer is a relatively easy to use file renaming utility

Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003 1145)   Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003
Free taskbar accessory lets you launch and configure all your screen savers

System Cleaner 1146)   System Cleaner 4.97
Safely Cleans Your Windows, Protects Your Privacy and Improves Performance!

System Sweeper 1147)   System Sweeper 1.1.7
Safely recover your precious Hard Drive space by removing Junk files and cleaning up Folders that the System and programs use to store temp files, caches, histories and other Junk

Shortcut Wizard 1148)   Shortcut Wizard 1.0
Shortcut Wizard provides quick access to system utilities, settings, folders and shortcuts that can at times be difficult or time consuming to locate

Heidi R. Stealthy (TM) 1149)   Heidi R. Stealthy (TM) 2.0
Instantly conceal your current PC or laptop activity with a single mouse-click.

Diskeeper Professional Edition for 64 Bit 1150)   Diskeeper Professional Edition for 64 Bit 10.0
Advanced “Set It and Forget It” functionality


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