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NetSupport DNA 701)   NetSupport DNA 1.01
NetSupport DNA combines powerful Hardware & Software Inventory.

LogfileTail 702)   LogfileTail 1.1
Log file monitoring tool

IDAutomation PDF417 Font and Encoder 703)   IDAutomation PDF417 Font and Encoder 3.7
Our PDF417 Font and Encoder enables printing of high density PDF417.

High Visibility Animated Cursors 704)   High Visibility Animated Cursors 2.0c
A collection of bright, colorful High Visibility Animated Cursors for Windows.

File Splitter Deluxe 705)   File Splitter Deluxe 3.23c
Split any type of file, then easily rejoin without this software.

DS Clock 706)   DS Clock 1.6
Synchronize your time with atomic time servers using customizable desktop clock.

CodeClip 707)   CodeClip 1.2.0025
Attach Web links, multimedia, other languages, files, voice to ASCII text files

Chrsitmas Animated Cursors 708)   Chrsitmas Animated Cursors 1.0d
A collection of holiday Christmas Animated Cursors for Windows.

CastlePaste PRO 709)   CastlePaste PRO 1.50.2p
Easily paste anything you want into the active program.

WinCustomizer - Admin Edition 710)   WinCustomizer - Admin Edition 1.1.40
WinCustomizer is a program that allows you to manipulate an enormous amount of windows settings

TWCryptVerzeichnis 711)   TWCryptVerzeichnis 1.9
crypt dir

Serial Splitter 712)   Serial Splitter 3.0
Enable all applications to receive same data from a serial port simultaneously.

Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo 713)   Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo 1.0
Allows to display and register rasters of ERDAS Imagine (*.IMG files) in MapInfo

DataScroller 714)   DataScroller 1.22
This is a powerful scroll bar extender, which expands capabilities of all standard scroll bars, used in the Windows and user programs

Crisystec Sentry.365.Chat 715)   Crisystec Sentry.365.Chat 2.3.1
CrisystecSentry, worlds most advanced security suite easy to use powerful system

Close All Windows (Window Closer) 716)   Close All Windows (Window Closer) 1.2
Closes all open Windows (applications) and cleans the clipboard from formats

Best Resume 717)   Best Resume 3.0
This is a resume creation application for job-seekers.

AB Screen Locker 718)   AB Screen Locker 3.62
A small utility that allows you to lock your screen

2002 CD Eject 719)   2002 CD Eject 2.5
2002 CD Eject is a utility that manages your CD ROM drive doors.

1 Click & Lock 720)   1 Click & Lock 2.8
1Click & Lock up is a system tray security utility you can use to secure your desktop when you step away from your PC

WhatColor 721)   WhatColor 4.30e
WhatColor identifies a color of the pixel on the screen

SMS Communicator 722)   SMS Communicator 3.1
Send SMS/EMS messages, ringtones and graphics. Also include phone book editing.

RegKey Backup 723)   RegKey Backup 1.0
CT RegKey Backup is a handy utility for making backups of Registry keys and their sub keys

On-Time Atomic Clock Sync 724)   On-Time Atomic Clock Sync 1.2
Synchronize your PC's clock with internet atomic clock servers

Hot Keyboard Pro 725)   Hot Keyboard Pro 2.7
Hot Keyboard assumes all your routine work on the computer!

FontPage 726)   FontPage 2.0.9
FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system.

Attache Taskbar Tooltip 727)   Attache Taskbar Tooltip 1.3
Time zones, calendar, Zodiac signs, phases of the Moon in the tray icon tooltip.

ADingOD Screen2Mail 728)   ADingOD Screen2Mail 3.3
search and replace utility (regular expressions support)

A1 UltraProtect 729)   A1 UltraProtect 1.06
Ultraprotect is an application that allows you to protect Windows executable files against pivacy,using public keys encryption algorithms (RSA) to cteate and verify the registration keys and unlock some RSA key locked code

1 Click Sweep 730)   1 Click Sweep 2.9
Safely cleans hard drive, disk space and improve the system performance.

Find Error Description 731)   Find Error Description 1.0
Free error show porgram

WinProof 732)   WinProof 5.0
WinProof grammar and spell checker

THE Rename 733)   THE Rename 2.1.6
Freeware program to rename files & folders & Multimedia files with many options

NetStatus 734)   NetStatus
NetStatus is a network monitoring tool with a 100% web interface.

FontMap 735)   FontMap 2.37a
View and print both installed and external fonts; preview and install fonts.

Flash 32 736)   Flash 32 3.10
Use your mouse to capture a portion of the screen (any shape, any size), an individual window component, an entire window or a full screen

DiFolders 737)   DiFolders 2.3
Program that automates file routines with given rules for file types.

CapiDog 738)   CapiDog 1.43
ISDN monitor program showing busy channels in system tray and pops up numbers

SmartBuster 739)   SmartBuster v.0.97
Small and powerfull All-in-one utility for cleaning your PC & more!

AccSmart 740)   AccSmart 1.0
An utility for portable computer's Battery monitoring

Disk Cleaner 741)   Disk Cleaner 2.0 Alpha 1
Disk Cleaner will easily clean up disk space that is now used by temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, and the Recycle Bin

Serial Port Mapper 742)   Serial Port Mapper 1.0
Serial Port Mapper allows you to map any serial ports to any other serial ports

ZSplitter 743)   ZSplitter 2.0
Small, Fast, and Free File Splitter

Systweak Photo Album 744)   Systweak Photo Album 1.00
Best choice for a novice user to organize, manage, view and edit digital photos.

StormWindow 2000 745)   StormWindow 2000 3.02
StormWindow provides desktop and system security for a shared Windows 2000 PC.

Rainbow Folders 746)   Rainbow Folders 1.02
Change colors of your favourite and recently used folders to boost your work

Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Network Version 747)   Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Network Version 3.0
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator opens a whole new world of options and possibilities - you can work with many CD/DVD-based applications simultaneously

NET BOSS 748)   NET BOSS 1.021
Net Boss enables the user to control and perform tasks on many computers from one command control station

Multiple Database Query Analyzer 749)   Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1
Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1 supports qurries with diffrent types of dbs

Knowledge Store 750)   Knowledge Store 1.0.0
Consolidate every piece of information you have with The Knowledge Store


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