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aMp3Assistor 101)   aMp3Assistor 1.0
organizer your mp3 can quickly editor tag

Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver 102)   Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver 2.0
Free Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver With Real Haunted House

Graphic Equalizer Studio 2005 103)   Graphic Equalizer Studio 2005 2005
integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer RMS Level Meter

Printfil 104)   Printfil 4.3
Allows character based applications to print on Windows printers and PDF export.

TalkCTalk Talking Clock 105)   TalkCTalk Talking Clock 1.0
Talking Alarm Clock in 11 languages

Universal Mail Drive 106)   Universal Mail Drive 1.3
Universal Mail Drive empowers you to easily save Microsoft documents as mail

Advanced MP3 Catalog 107)   Advanced MP3 Catalog 3.25f
Advanced MP3 Catalog is the quickest and most convenient way of managing and organizing your mp3 files collection

Wave Editor 108)   Wave Editor 6.1
Wave Editor is a complete wave editor and recorder. Wave Editor makes editing WA

PC Sound Recorder and Editor 109)   PC Sound Recorder and Editor 1.00
A simple tool to use to convert your recordings to your computer

WindowsGuard 2005 Free Edition 110)   WindowsGuard 2005 Free Edition 5.9
Password protect programs, windows, web pages and encrypt files and folders.

GAVSubmit 111)   GAVSubmit 1.0
Submit your software automatically to mp3j

Helium Music Manager 112)   Helium Music Manager 2005
Helium Music Manager is a music tagger, renamer, cataloger and more.

Palm Unit Converter 113)   Palm Unit Converter 1.21

OSS CD Ripper N' ID3V2 Tag Editor 114)   OSS CD Ripper N' ID3V2 Tag Editor
Convert tracks from audio CDs to WAV,OGG Vorbis,MP3,WMA and more.

#1 Smart MP3 to WAV Converter 115)   #1 Smart MP3 to WAV Converter 3.6
MP3 to WAV Converter

WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker 116)   WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker 1.0.4
WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker; Music CD creator and CD burner

MEDA MP3 Splitter 117)   MEDA MP3 Splitter 2.5
MEDA MP3 Splitter allows you to split MP3 files into smaller pieces

Sound Volume Hotkeys 118)   Sound Volume Hotkeys 1.0
Control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys!

TrueTTY 119)   TrueTTY 2.50
A program for amateur radio digital communications via a sound card.

Atmosphere Lite: Nature Sounds Generator 120)   Atmosphere Lite: Nature Sounds Generator 5.4
Relax with nature on your desktop. For Free!

QuickRecord 3 121)   QuickRecord 3 3.00
QuickRecord 3 is a compact application for recording and playing sound on a Microsoft Windows PC

MP3 Printer 122)   MP3 Printer 1.05
MP3 Information Printer

FastRecorder 123)   FastRecorder 3.0
Advanced audio recording software

TextSpeech Pro 124)   TextSpeech Pro 1.0.0
TextSpeech Pro - a professional TTS software with advanced and unique features

MODName 125)   MODName 1.0
Renames MOD music files to song title

WheelsOfVolume 126)   WheelsOfVolume 1.00
This small application allows you to control your volume using your mouse wheel

Stream TV 127)   Stream TV 3.10
Watch more than 966 free streaming TV channels on your PC

Quick CD/DVD Burner 128)   Quick CD/DVD Burner 2.3
Burn your CD DVD quickly and easily with Quick CD/DVD Burner. Try free!

VolumeControl 129)   VolumeControl 2.2
VolumeControl is a beautiful and convenient alternative to the original volume control of Windows.

The Grid 130)   The Grid 1.0
TheGrid is unlike any Midi software program you have ever used

POP MP3 Splitter 131)   POP MP3 Splitter 1.0
Pop MP3 Splitter is a tool to split MP3 files

KISS Wave Editor 132)   KISS Wave Editor 1.7
KISS WaveEditor is a complete, simple wave editor

Express Dictate for Mac 133)   Express Dictate for Mac 4.02
Computer based Mac dictation recorder and portable dock station

Sine Generator 134)   Sine Generator 1.0
Program generates 2-channel sine audio signals using PC sound card.

Volumouse 135)   Volumouse 1.10
Adjust the volume of your speaker with the wheel of your mouse.

RAE / Realtime Analyzer ENA 136)   RAE / Realtime Analyzer ENA 2.0.0
Advanced sound analyzer with latest environmental noise measurement technology.

Fx-Audio-Tools 137)   Fx-Audio-Tools
Fx Audio tools include an audio file converter that supports most common audio and video sound types such as variable bit rate MP2 and MP3 files.

Mp3 Frame Editor 138)   Mp3 Frame Editor 2.42
Edit your mp3's without having to decode them and then encode to mp3 again (loss of quality)

OscilloMeter 139)   OscilloMeter 4.14
Real-time OscilloScope & Spectrum Analyzer of data accepted from any ADC you will want

DVD Power Burner 2006 Pro 140)   DVD Power Burner 2006 Pro 2.7
Easy-to-use yet powerful data, audio, video, and image CD/ DVD burning software.

Audio Editor Plus 141)   Audio Editor Plus 2.1
Audio Editor Plus is a full-featured digital audio editing software

Aldo’’s Text-to-WAVE 142)   Aldo’’s Text-to-WAVE 3.0
Convert text, web pages and MS Word documents into WAVE, OGG or MP3 files

Muse.Net 143)   Muse.Net 1.1
Free your media with Muse

Frequency Analyzer 144)   Frequency Analyzer 2.0
Splits inputted sound into basic frequencies and displays in real-time window

Desktop RTA 145)   Desktop RTA 1.0
DesktopRTA is a real-time sound analyser for your PC with many features only found in much more expensive sound analysis software

Arial Sound Recorder 146)   Arial Sound Recorder 1.2.66
Record sound from any source into MP3, WMA, or WAV files.

n-Track Studio 147)   n-Track Studio 4.0.4
Multitrack recording and editing software with support for realtime effects

Lyred PRO 148)   Lyred PRO 1.45
A lyrics and karaoke editor with enhaced tag support and access lyrics database.

WAV Joiner 149)   WAV Joiner 2.0
Combine several WAV files into one WAV file

MusicColor 150)   MusicColor 2.5
Play free animated music visualizations, or create them with images...


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